“P.D. Frattini” secondary school


Legnago (VR) – ITALY


Technical design stage for the construction of the new “Frattini” secondary school in the Municipality of Legnago, to be built along Via G. Vicentini. The interior spaces of the “Frattini” secondary school in Legnago are comprised of 12 classes for a total of 300-324 pupils.
All classrooms are suitable for at least 27 students. The lecture rooms are evenly distributed on two levels. The laboratories are located on the north side of the building on the first floor.
In the west wing of the school on the ground floor there is a multi-purpose hall, a special needs room and a staffroom. On the ground floor in the east wing of the building are the administrative offices, an archive, the infirmary, the electrical utilities’ room and a reception area. In the basement, there is a technical room housing the mechanical systems. The building has been awarded the CASACLIMA standards certification.
The entire structure is made of wood, both in terms of its load-bearing walls and the floors, excluding the external pillars of the south facade, envisaged in painted steel.
The characteristics of the supporting structures satisfy the building’s structural requirements, as well as the fire-resistant characteristics, which are at least equal to R 60.