Energy Management Expertise

Energy efficiency measures are dependent on the phase in which they are carried out (project, construction, operation, renovation) and require careful financial planning.

ETS can provide:

  • Energy Certification of civil and industrial buildings,
  • Energy Audit and Diagnosis,
  • A sustainable design in compliance with Minimum Environmental Criteria,
  • Tax deduction and incentive analysis,
  • Energy Performance Certificates (TEE) from the GSE (Manager of Energy Services).

We can provide you with an effective design that offers the most advanced simulation and three-dimensional software, as well as energy diagnosis.
4 ETS engineers possess the “Energy Management Expert” professional qualification in accordance with the UNI CEI 11339:2009 Standard and certification referred to in the MISE/MATT Decree of May 12th 2015, pursuant to Legislative Decree 102/2014.

These 4 EMEs – from both the civil and industrial sectors – are registered with CEPAS-BUREAUVERITAS Certification Body, authorized by ACCREDIA.